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  • The packaging we use is all made of recyclable materials.
  • It is crucial/vital to consume acid fermented dairy products in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
    Some important advantages for the human body are that: - They are suitable for lactose intolerant people since lactose is fermented during the production process. - They promote the absorption of nutrients such as casein, calcium and iron consumed from other foods. - They aid digestion and, in general, the normal functioning of the digestive tract, causing a greater secretion of digestive juices. - They increase the digestibility of milk proteins due to the heat denaturation treatment of milk proteins/the latter. - They contain micro-organisms that are beneficial to the digestive system. - They relieve from intestinal/digestive disorders and protect against constipation, - They help restore the normal biological flora (especially after treatment using antibiotics or other strong drugs/ prescription).
  • All acid fermented products such as live yoghurt, kefir and airani can be consumed by lactose intolerant people.
    Producing fermented products, such as live sheep's yoghurt, kefir and airani, is mainly based on the action of lactic bacteria (Streptococcus & Lactobacillus) which ferment lactose. Lactose is the basic sugar present in milk. The lactose content in traditional live yoghurt is, therefore, reduced by up to 90% due to the lactase/ lactic acid fermentation that takes place during the production stage. A significant number of people have trouble absorbing lactose. This happens due to a deficiency of the lactase enzyme, which is produced by the cells of the small intestine. This results in abdominal pain and bloating among other symptoms. The reduction of lactose in yoghurt, combined with the formation of lactase by the microorganisms found in yoghurt, has been proven to significantly help alleviate these problems. (Of course, consulting your doctor is necessary in case you suffer from any of the problems mentioned above!)
  • All products are made from pasteurised milk.
  • Live yoghurt contributes to a healthy digestive system.
    Live yoghurt occurs from the fermentation of milk once beneficial bacteria or live culture(pikarti) is added into it. This includes yoghurt from previous production lines. It is important that no other ingredients such as sweeteners, glucose or fructose syrup, sugar or gelatine are added. The role of yoghurt in the digestive system is mainly known for providing us with the beneficial microorganisms it contains. These live microorganisms or beneficial bacteria contained in lactic acid improve the intestinal microflora, which regulates the development and function of the immune system while also helping the metabolic activity and nutrient absorption.
  • Consuming kefir and probiotic yoghurts ensures obtaining a high amount of nutrients
    The use of probiotic foods or drinks has been linked to: - The prevention of the growth of toxic microorganisms in the colon - Antioxidant and antimicrobial action - Strengthening the immune system - Anti-cancer action - Reduction of high blood cholesterol and blood pressure.
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